Know your crowd. Pick your time. Choose your words. Unpack your story.

So, what’s the tough part? Solid content sells itself.

Reality check.

Timing and audience. The folks wading through floodwaters couldn’t care less about your first-person story about getting punched in the face while helping an airline steward to subdue a rowdy passenger.

Word choice. Elie Wiesel survived the Holocaust, was a tireless advocate for world peace, won a Nobel Prize and other honors. How many adjectives do you detect in any of his written or spoken messages? His recollections and insights capture and transfix, like a rock to the head, without qualifiers.

Content and presence. The Dali Lama, Desmond Tutu, the pope and Oprah – fill hearts and arenas, their presence transcending and empowering their messages. They make memories. What presence do you bring to the podium or a book cover? What aura do your body language and cadence lend to your story?

I’m John Taylor. I’ve made a career from cultivating ideas, translating them and using the product to entertain, inform and empower audiences. I’ve done so as corporate public relations executive, newspaper reporter and editor, and public speaker.  As a consultant, I advise clients on reaching clarity, precision, and potency in their communications.

I’m available for consulting, contract and interim assignments. My role and services:

  • Being a critic and advocate between good ideas and engaging literary content;
  • Manuscript evaluation and content development;
  • Preparing and writing white papers, speeches, op-eds, blogs and corporate citizenship reports;
  • Crisis communications, ghost writing and executive coaching, and other presentations; and
  • Investing time to help serious-minded groups and people promote and sustain transparent dialogue on critical issues, particularly healthcare.