Truth to power

Do you need a white paper on a complex issue with brief turnaround time for a Congressional presentation? How about explaining that an outdated statistical formula in an old federal law is worsening the shortage of physicians in the U.S.? Done that.



Do you know how to leverage content into three minutes of testimony before a legislative panel, follow-ups and then 30-second media soundbites? It is high art – and great fun – to further refine an already crisp elevator speech.

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'The book'

Do you have a memoir or family history you want to distill for commercial or personal publication? I’ve worked with one of the leading raisin packers in Central California, the late Charles W. Bonner, to chronicle his family’s role over generations in establishing the raisin industry.


Focus, focus

Feeling sensory overload – an avalanche of experiences and possible themes?  I spent a night and day aboard the USS Abraham Lincoln, tracking touch-and-go plane landings and deck-level bustle of the aircraft carrier at sea. Takeoff and landing shipboard were great rushes. But my primary audience was healthcare professionals. Ultimately, I strung together blogs, op-eds and public presentations over several months.

Most stories are better told over a back fence than to media or at Rotary.  I work with clients to help them delve deeper. My pivotal question is the same all audiences invite: "Tell me why I should care?"

I then work enthusiastically -- and critically -- with my clients to flesh out answers. We can develop a strategic plan for creating,  propelling and re-purposing our messages. It can be a one-time presentation, a single project or part of a sustaining campaign. 

I've worked as a reporter and/or editor at daily newspapers in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Wisconsin, California and Washington, D.C; and as public affairs director for a billion-dollar, nonprofit healthcare system in Central California, coordinating government and community relations activities, and authoring executive and board-level communications.

I’ve served on civic and nonprofit boards focusing on business development, homelessness and behavioral health issues. I’ve taught editing at California State University, Fresno, and received fellowships on genetics and world religions.

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- Helped create and was principal editor of an award-winning, monthly corporate social responsibility report, “Your Community at Work,” detailing the pro-bono and other public benefits performed by Community Medical Centers, the largest healthcare provider in Central California.

- Developed and authored a weekly electronic public affairs newsletter on legislative, health, labor organizing and other issues for the Board of Trustees, hospital executives and staff, and external community leaders for Fresno-based Community Medical Centers.

- Provided strategic guidance and communications including media training, Congressional testimony, speeches, op-eds, social media and white papers for the system, in a medically under-served region of Central California.

- Developed an award-winning, bilingual community relations program for the billion-dollar, nonprofit health system.

- Helped formulate corporate legislative strategy, including securing introduction of two healthcare bills in Sacramento in 2003 and passage of AB 936, creating the crime of “infant stalking” to curb those who loiter to abduct hospitalized children.

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